The work involves the complete reforming of a flat, carried out by the BAAS team of architects.

An overly compartmentalised distribution that does not respond to the requirements of its new owners is to be transformed by building a series of parallel wooden walls that enhance the longitudinal light flow and the views between the two furthest façades, revealing the magnitude of the piece’s dimensions.

The respect paid to the golden colour of the aluminium frames, the spike-fitted oak parquet flooring, together with certain construction details, seek to hark back to the time of the construction of the building and its architect, Antoni Bonet Castellana.

The carpentry of the night area consists of a cladding of solid oak panelling that has been brushed in order to highlight the pores in the wood vein, and varnished with a natural effect matt varnish that enhances the natural wood touch.

The panels are set out at a certain interval to allow a visual effect of greater depth, as occurs in nature.

The doors of the rooms are hidden among the oak panels and run from floor to ceiling, incorporating a draught excluder at the top and bottom to ensure the doors are soundproof.
The stainless steel handle for the sliding doors is flush with the thickness of the sheet.

In the day area the woodwork takes on a white tone, RAL 9003 textured matte 50, in order to emphasise the light entering through the large windows and to highlight the oak parquet flooring. The aim is to conceal the carpentry as much as possible so that it is integrated into the walls and the false ceiling, giving a sense of continuity to the space.

Lightweight 4 cm thick MDF shelving. This includes 2 shelves with metal bodies, which aid in changing the location of the shelves individually.

The TV fireplace unit hides 6 sliding door panels that separate the living area from the office. The doors use the Klein Slid 90 retracting system. The lower guide system is by Koblenz, and makes it possible to draw the panels by simply pulling on the first one.

The kitchen area is a fusion of the two previous elements - white lacquer and oak sheets, in order to create a transition between the two areas.

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