The wenge module was done by lining a metal structure with curved board in two layers. Subsequently lamellas 15cm wide were applied with curved boards of 6mm and veneered with wenge. To curve the pieces moulds were made for each piece due to the unique radial curvature different from the other pieces.
It can be observed that each line of lamellas is on different vertical plains at three of the corners and at one it is on the same vertical plain, so that in one of the corners each line of lamellas recovered the vertical plain with respect to the line directly below it.
The module was varnished directly on the job, during the night, with fire-resistant varnish.

The copper module was done by preparing the wall with pine laths and subsequently lining it with curved DM of 10mm (two layers). Copper lamellas (TECU classic and TECU oxide) were fixed. Finally a protective copper treatment was applied to avoid marking as much as possible.

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