Pivot doors manufactured in oak veneer 1 mm thick and DM fibre, stained with “legno” open pore varnish from the Italian Ganni brand. Pivot case from DORMA. Door handle of iron designed by Tarruella&López Interior designers. Door frame of flat sheet calibrated iron 6 mm thick.

Furniture for the spa area in oak veneer 1 mm thick and DM fibre, varnished with natural colour polyurethane varnish. Drawers done with guides with buffer and built-in brake with the Blum trademark, Tandem Plus Blumotion model, full extraction.

Entry doors to the rooms RF30 with black lacquer on one side and white on the other, with door frame of glazed stainless steel. Electronic lock for access control encased in the leaf.

Design + Interior decorating

Isabel Lopez Vilalta & Asociados

Design + Interior decorating

Sandra Tarruella Interioristas

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Constructora d'Aro
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