House between party walls, organised on the concept of differentiating between a nocturnal programme, located in the area of the access street, and a daily programme, which is orientated towards the inner courtyard of the block. While on the façade facing the street, we have applied a highly compact treatment in order to maintain privacy and protect the living space from everyday noise, inside the block, we have created a totally open façade that connects with a small, newly-built terrace. By using a system of folding shutters, we have ensured protection against excess sunlight, while a series of zenithal skylights guarantee a sufficient provision of heat in winter, in order to increase comfort and reduce energy consumption.

External façade: cladding of the vertical wall with a lumber-cored panel of knotless, laminated pine, painted with a water-based, natural-coloured varnish.

Stairs: lumber-cored panel of solid, 4.5 cm thick chestnut, varnished with matt parquet varnish.

Indoor bannister: solid chestnut laminated with two pieces coated with matt parquet varnish.

Outdoor bannister: solid chestnut laminated with two pieces coated with water-based varnish.

Cabinets: melamine interior, EGGER brand; ref. W908 ST2 Chalk white. Exterior lacquered in Soldevila white.

Doors and wall claddings: chipboard panel with eucalyptus veneer, varnished with matt NATURE varnish.

Exterior shutters: model E-41 with solid Flanders pinewood slats, laminated with two pieces measuring 4.5 x 3.2 cm, coated with water-based varnish. Metal structure, painted in RAL 7016 colour, in an L-shape; size 35 x 35 mm. Folding, hinged and sliding opening system.

Windows: Flanders pinewood coated with water-based varnish. Folding blinds will be installed in some windows within the glass partition area. Composition of the partition glass panels:
- KNT-155 Templado 6/27/4+4mm
- 4+4/20/4mm
- KNT-155 Templado 6/18/4+4mm

Architecture + Design

Alventosa Morell Arquitectes



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