As part of the process of changing the corporate image of Chef Jordi Artal’s Cinc Sentits restaurant, holder of a Michelin star, Soldevila carried out the decorating in timber according to the specifications of the ZOO design studio.

The restaurant’s interior was envisaged as a fragmented space, in order to create a visual contrast between the reception area and dining room.

To achieve this contrast between the concept of naturalness and sophistication, the materials used were wood, sack cloth, stone, etc. - all organic and natural materials; contrasted with the aluminium and other metals that were used in the chained curtains.

All these elements make the Cinc Sentits restaurant a sophisticated space that combines modern values with tradition and a sense of origin.


The appearance of the walls, with wood panelling, combines flat areas, textures and colours that evoke an aerial view of the Priorat region, where the restaurant’s chef grew up.

The restaurant walls are lined with pine boards that had been sand-blasted to wear away the soft grain. This accentuates the sharpness of the wood grain. These were fitted on three different planes to provide relief, strength and depth to the lining.

In this way they simulate the terrace slopes that are a feature of the Priorat region.

The boards were lacquered using a gradient of four colour shades on the wood to connect the top of the wall to the bottom. A black colour that fades as it gets closer to the white floor, thus achieving a fading of colours that is typical of the area.


To break the uniformity and depth of the local geometry, the curtains were attached to the ceiling in circular patterns. The curtains help to break up the height of the premises.

These curtains form wavy lines, and their copper colour stands out against the black ceiling.


Cinc Sentits

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