The apartment is situated at an important junction in Barcelona, between the streets C. Avinyó and C. dels Escudellers, in the Gothic Quarter. As in the case of the Flatiron Building in New York, where Broadway cuts diagonally across Fifth Avenue, the apartment has a very characteristic triangular shape, and interestingly it is located parallel to the also triangular shape of the Plaça George Orwell.

The first design decision made by David Kohn in remodelling the apartment was to take advantage of this particular location, rearranging all the interior walls to create a unique space with the triangular shape of the building.

The apartment is the holiday flat for two brothers who grew up in Barcelona, and who return for their holidays and for short stays.

The new floor consists of encaustic tiling, decorated with a triangular motif, reminiscent of the geometry of the building. The triangular pattern, 25 small triangles, changes its colour gradation from green to red, using each colour to differentiate between the two brothers’ different private areas. The encaustic tiles were made by Mosaics Martí, regular suppliers for Antoni Gaudí’s projects.

The two bedroom areas were created within large furnishing elements, one wooden and the other made of iron, which have the appearance of small buildings, with the city outside the walls being represented in the form of a miniature city inside the building.

The wooden tower housing the two bedrooms is inspired by the modernist architecture of the architect Josep Antoni Coderch, and reproduces the mobile slats covering the façade of the 1950 apartment block in La Barceloneta (Passeig de Joan de Borbó with C. de l’Almirall Cervera).

The tower is made of Flemish timber beams, completely covered, both inside and out, in varnished birch plywood panelling. The mobile slats are also made of birch.

The parquet flooring and the steps on the stairs are made of solid oak.

The metal bookcase at the end thus becomes a balcony that connects the two bedroom areas.

A table specially designed for the project is situated at the junction of the triangle, where the green and red tiles merge, as an invitation to family and friends to gather. The table is made of birch plywood boards with a perimeter of solid birch.

This project won World Interior magazine’s award for interior design in 2013.


David Kohn


Brick Serveis d'Interiorisme S.L.




José Hevia

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