• First generation

    In 1897 Jaume Soldevila Canamasses began working in carpentry in Aiguafreda (Barcelona), now more than a hundred years ago.

  • Second generation

    His sons, Pere and Josep, continued work in carpentry at the end of the war, taking up again the craft tradition taught them by their father. They started out in an old building 400m2 and after a few years built a new shop 1,500m2 on new land they had bought, the site of the company today.

  • Third generation

    The third generation contributed to the company’s growth by entering into new international markets for decoration and interior design, particularly in Arab countries, and by acquiring modern machinery, which brought about an expansion of premises to 3,500m2.

  • Fourth generation

    Today a fourth generation is now fully involved in the company and is giving it a new impetus.
    Soldevila is in a phase of growth both in range of services and products and in types of customers and markets.
    Soldevila has modern facilities, on an area of 10,000m2, 4,000 of which are currently occupied by facilities and 3,000 of which are in the project phase.
    It possesses suitable equipment and a human team that is technically trained to carry out any sort of work related to carpentry and its by-products.

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